Lil Bubba's Design Project

Project: PayCrave

I get hungry. I get really hungry. Sometimes I don’t have time to go to a restaurant and order. Sometimes all I want is to order from a nearby food truck. Locating a food truck in the city can be cumbersome. Enter PayCrave. With PayCrave, I am able to locate all the food trucks just by using my location. I can browse, read reviews, look at menus, and place an order, all from one mobile application.

PayCrave is a UX/UI mobile application designed to enable users to find and order from food trucks.



I wanted PayCrave to be as simple as possible, so I designed to the homepage to default to a map view of all food trucks nearby. Alternately, users can toggle using a segmented list to view each food truck by proximity, in a list view.


Browse + Order:

Once a user decides on a specific food truck to order from, they can get directions, view food truck hours, and read reviews. All this information will help the user decide if they want to place an order. Users can then toggle over to view the specific food truck’s menu. Users can see each food truck item and add it to their basket. Payment can be completed by tapping ‘Pay’ or by viewing their cart. Payment is completed just with the scan of a finger print.



Users can manage their account and see recent orders in the menu. Users can also leave reviews for each specific food truck after their order has been picked up.