Camp Highlander

Site: Camp Somerset for Girls

My first solo design project at Ronningen, this site was a challenge for a few reasons. One of them being this was a brand new camp with no camp photography. I knew I had to add elements into the site (hand drawn elements, diagonal lines, different color backgrounds, color gradients over text etc.) to provide visual interest on text heavy pages. I also knew that the typography had to be stunning.

While they have very little photography now, next summer they’ll be ready to populate their site full of wonderful photography. I knew I had to design the site to accommodate photography yet look good without it.

Another challenge that this site provided was that the client did not want it to look “girly”, but it had to be clear it was a summer camp for girls. The client wanted to stay away from pink. The end product is a clean looking site that is set up for success now and in the future.

"Somerset Homepage"